CUE Center looking at cases with potential Boyer ties

October 31, 2011

DARLINGTON COUNTY- The investigation into the death of the “I-20 girl” and the recent break in the case, helped spur investigations into several other missing persons cases and unsolved homicides across the Southeast that authorities believe may also be linked to John Wayne Boyer.

In late September, Darlington County investigators identified the “I-20 girl” as Michelle Haggadone of North Carolina, and also identified the man who they say admitted to taking her life, alleged serial killer Boyer.

Investigators connected Boyer not only to Haggadone’s death, but also the death of at least two other women in Southeastern states.

Boyer had already been convicted in the murder of 31-year-old Scarlet Wood in 2007 and is serving a 12-year sentence in a prison in North Carolina for that crime.

Investigators there, said Wood was a Wilmington, N.C., area prostitute who was severely beaten and stabbed by Boyer and who died as a result of those injuries.

In addition, Boyer was convicted in 2005 in the murder of a Tennessee woman, 25-year-old Jennifer Smith.

When word began to spread of Boyer’s connections to all three cases, it quickly caught the attention of the CUE Center for Missing Persons, an agency that works to solve missing persons cases, including those of Haggadone and Wood.

CUE Center Executive Director Monica Caison said the closure of the Haggadone case and the subsequent investigations into other cases that followed, showed them that there may be many other victims out there as well that have not yet been identified or tied to Boyer.

“That set the wheels in motion to investigators starting to look at other things, and that was a validation for me as well with many, many other cases that I believe he’s involved with,” Caison said.

The CUE Center set up a website with information on Boyer, including multiple pictures of him from at different points in his life, as well as information on semi trucks he was known to drive, victims who have already been identified and information on potential victims as well.

The Center also just finished a tour in which they visited seven different states and spoke with investigators in each state about missing persons cases and unsolved homicides.

The tour not only was an effort to help generate new leads in all unsolved cases, but also gave CUE Center officials a chance to focus on the Boyer case and speak with investigators and those who may have known Boyer while he was a truck driver.

“We hit the entire I-10 (interstate), stopping at different truck stops and I couldn’t believe the people that knew him and we couldn’t believe the people who would come forth saying, oh, we have like five or six jane doe (cases) here…and I was just like, oh my God, this is going to be a larger task than I thought,” Caison said.

She said the Center is actively working with not only investigators in several states, but also families of missing or killed women who never received the closure they deserved.

Caison said the break in the Boyer case may take time to turn into new leads and potential big breaks in other cases across the Southeast, but she believes that there are more victims out there that could very well be connected to Boyer.

“I already had several cases for years that I connected together,” Caison said.

“If now, Scarlett Wood and Michelle Haggadone… are all connected, then that very well, for me, is a validation that maybe some of the other ones that I have are as well.”

For more information on the CUE Center’s website devoted to cases involving Boyer, visit:


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