Former coworkers describe accused serial killer as ‘ladies man,’ quick tempered


10/12/2011 01:48 PM

WILMINGTON — New information about accused serial killer John Wayne Boyer surfaced this week as former coworkers spoke about past incidents and their overall impression of him. Boyer, who is serving time in central prison, is linked to the deaths of three women in three states. A new picture shows Boyer right after Georgia authorities arrested him in 2006 on a fugitive charge. Then in 2007 he was convicted of the murder of Wilmington resident Scarlett Wood.

Boyer was born at Camp Lejeune in 1957. The military family moved around a lot.
but Boyer moved back to southeastern North Carolina around 1980, eventually starting a career as a truck driver.

He worked for multiple companies including AC Widenhouse, a regional trucking company that also has offices in Concord and Wilmington. Dispatchers there said Boyer made runs in a truck across North and South Carolina.

Employment records show Boyer also drove in many other states. Job applications show he changed jobs frequently and sometimes quit without notice.

Former coworkers described Boyer personal life. “He tried to be a womanizer, but he had a bad attitude,” said Terry Renshaw, who worked with him in the early 90’s.

He added, Boyer was quick tempered and he frequented local bars trying to pick up women.

“They would talk about him going in there trying to get all the women to go out with him, trying to be a ladies man,” said Renshaw. “Anybody, any woman that would get in the truck with him, he’d pick them up.”

Another trucker recalled an incident between Boyer and a woman when they both drover for Twisdale.

“I mentioned it to my boss that Boyer was down at the truck stop arguing with some woman over the radio, probably prostitutes, and he kinda shrugged it off saying yeah, same old stuff,” said Jonathan Threatt.

On a job application, Boyer in his own words listed his hobbies as hunting, fishing and “chasing girls.”

A female coworker at MCO Trucking in Wilmington who did not want to be identified said Boyer propositioned her to get into his truck once. She did not go.

Managers at Port City Transport said Boyer was fired in September 1992 after he was accused of raping a woman in Ohio. A company executive said police asked to see Boyer’s driving logs in connection with that case and, while he was not arrested in North Carolina for that crime, investigators told that executive Boyer would be charged if he ever returned to Ohio.

Now that Boyer is charged with killing three women in three states, former coworkers wonder if they witnessed clues to those crimes in his past behavior.

“Once you get to see a person every day, the way they talk and the way they act then things start happening, it doesn’t surprise you,” said Renshaw.–ladies-man—quick-tempered


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