Long Haul Territory Killer


Authorities say John Boyer ( Pictured above) pleaded guilty to killing a woman, believed to be a prostitute, in North Carolina. He’s facing charges in two other deaths, one in Tennessee and one in South Carolina.In all three cases, bodies were dumped near interstates.The apparent lack of remorse from Boyer has police officers encouraging their colleagues who work near major highways in the southeast to check their unsolved homicide files and missing person cases.

In 1999 CUE Center felt that more than one missing person case that had registered with the center were connected but where unaware of the “who”? When the case of Scarlet Wood came to the center for help it was clear who was involved in her disappearance and while tracking down information and actively searching for Scarlet, CUE was contact by a past employer of John Wayne Boyer. “I am sick of seeing you out there fighting alone to find this girl”, the caller said, “I am going to help you”, she added. That she did!

In the days, weeks and months that followed the call, information was flooding in on “Boyer” and CUE immediately took it to the attention to law officials, then Scarlet’s body was discovered by a citizen and even in that fact we made the connection. In May of that year investigators called CUE requesting the records on Scarlets case as they were looking “finally” at another case of a missing female. CUE’s founder met and provided an entire copy of vital information, to include documentation, the whereabouts of the vehicle believed to be involved in Scarlets case, photos, contact information and more. On this day a request was also made and two pictures that had never been seen were provided to officials of Michelle Haggadone with a verbal request to check on two Jane Does that had been located in South Carolina years prior.

It was the belief (in 2005) one was Michelle and the other female could be another missing woman named Virginia. The reason for the DNA request was because of the dates did not match up with the missing person reported date and the Does, however one of the Doe cases their was a striking resemblance to Michelle. CUE Center on three occasions requested DNA of the lead agency for Michelle’s case; it was lost more than one time and at one point her case was close, “listed located”. A CUE caseworker had the case reopened and DNA was submitted, but only through her determination and communication with family member’s. Years later an investigator submitted DNA on one of the South Carolina Jane Doe and it was a match. It had been Michelle all along, both Does were found on the same day but in different counties.

Now, three woman have been recovered (and there are more), identified and John Wayne Boyer has been convicted for the homicide of Scarlet Wood, he currently is incarcerated awaiting more charges. It is our hope that others will piece together more cases, check and follow through on area Jane Does, seek to submit DNA in all missing person cases and follow up on information when it is provided, crime in mostly solved by people coming forth and providing information that with a good investigation can lead to a resolution.

Community United Effort, CUE Center for Missing Persons has put together its own task team made up of several experts in the field of the UNID, missing persons and researchers form various regions, meeting for the first time in 2011.

PURPOSE: The project is called “Long Haul Territory Killer”. We hope to combine all the cases we have first hand knowledge of, compiled together with existing case facts, interviews and information gathered over the years in reference to any links to John Wayne Boyer.The team has already publicly named a few cases of concern and have reached out to a some investigators on cold cases this past week.

OBJECTIVE: The team will be erecting a web site in an effort to aid investigators on a nation level with tips, cases submissions and facts to help identified cases of unsolved homicides, unidentified decedents and active missing person cases that have lingered for years across the nation.

How we got our name:
Definition Territory: any tract of land; district
Long Haul: a journey over a long distance, esp one involving the transport of goods

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